A downloadable game for Windows

Global Game Jam 2016 Theme

Game Idea and original description
Character wandering in a dark forest of dead. Collecting energy and avoid enemies, using own skills, inner light and magic.

Players target to accomplish a ritual. 
Life and Death.
Dark and Light.
Night and Day. 

Global Game Jam website description

Top down, the psychological horror survival game that pits the player against various enemies in a dark forest.

Game Designers - Roman Mamrukov, Matt Newbigging.
Programmers - Ross McLare, Matt Newbigging, Roman Mamrukov
Artists - Roman Mamrukov, Adam Blance, Orlin Bonev
Sound -  Christian Aalby Svalesen, Matt Newbigging(Guitar)

Install instructions

Download, Unzip, Pray and Play


DestopBuild.zip 66 MB